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What is the coverage area of COTeLSKYNET high speed satellite Internet services?

COTeLSKYNET is available throughout the Americas including the Caribbean , Hawaii , Alaska and Puerto Rico . No matter where you are located, as long as you are within the satellite footprints (see coverage maps), the COTeLSKYNET service is available. However, outside USA , end users are responsible to obtain the necessary licensing and must arrange for professional installation and transportation.

How does COTeLSKYNET high speed satellite Internet services compare with the other similar services in the market?

When compared side by side to similar services in the market, COTeLSKYNET offers the fastest, cheapest and most reliable connection that supports a wide range of digital communication such as Web Surfing, VPN, VOIP, Video over IP and many more applications .

Can I subscribe to COTeLSKYNET's high speed satellite Internet services for residential use?

COTeLSKYNET understands that everyone has different needs. COTeLSKYNET offers different service plans that are suitable for residential/telecommuter, small offices and enterprises use. Please bear in mind that COTeLSKYNET is a commercial grade service unlike other similar services.

What is the minimum system hardware required in order to subscribe to COTeLSKYNET's high speed satellite Internet services?

A 1.2m dish antenna bundled with COTeLSKYNET modem is required in most parts of the Americas and the Caribbean for subscribing to COTeLSKYNET high speed satellite Internet services.

Do I have to pay for any additional bandwidth surcharge?

No! COTeLSKYNET does not charge for any additional bandwidth usage (no meter and no monthly transfer allowance) fee. Services usage are limited to our unlimited bandwidth special offering plans. You pay only the monthly fee that relates to your subscribed plan.

Please Note: COTeLSKYNET does not support ISP Hosting and impose limits in order to control excessive bandwidth usage .

What are the applications supported by COTeLSKYNET high speed satellite Internet services?

COTeLSKYNET supports most of today current applications as long as the applications in question are compatible with TCP/IP protocol.

Can I have 2 or more micro-computers (PC's) connected to share the satellite broadband internet service?

Yes, please but bear in mind that you will be using your total allocated bandwidth among all your computers.

Is COTeLSKYNET a two way (up link/down link) satellite service?

COTeLSKYNET high speed Internet satellite service is a Two-Way (bi-directional ) always on high speed satellite Iinternet service. COTeLSKYNET high speed satellite Internet service is ideal for remote location where land lines and high speed Internet connections are non-existent.

How much COTeLSKYNET cost and where can I purchase COTeLSKYNET?

The cost of the service depends on a number of factors such as; the country in which COTeLSKYNET is being offered and the available service plans. We do offer a variety of different service plans for telecommuters, small offices and enterprises. Please contact us with your requirement and a COTeLSKYNET Network Specialist will help in providing a solution.

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